You sell, Kicker does the rest.

The copilot designed exclusively for sales professionals.

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Kicker enriches your Salesforce and HubSpot CRM data with advanced generative AI and real-time third-party data, keeping you apprised of your top deals via email and/or Slack.

Elevate Your Sales Game with Kicker

Kicker isn't just another tool - it's your sales assistant, here to help your sales team close more deals and achieve your revenue goals effortlessly.

For Sales Reps

  • Achieve Exceptional Revenue Results Kicker actively monitors online channels for relevant buying signals to provide your sales team with timely recommendations and actionable insights.
  • Maximize Your Selling Time Bid farewell to time-consuming tasks. Kicker streamlines everything from opportunity monitoring and prioritization, through to market analysis and drafting emails, freeing you to focus on closing deals.
  • Climb the Ranks Ascend to the top with Kicker's strategic leaderboards. Outshine your peers and reach new heights in your sales journey.

For Sales Leaders

  • Delegate for Success Trust Kicker to keep your team on the path to surpassing revenue targets.
  • Harness AI Insights Dive deep into proactive and actionable insights tailored for each of your reps.
  • Real-time Metrics Kicker leverages your CRM data to offer real-time sales metrics and leaderboards, ensuring your team stays ahead of the game.
  • Streamlined OnboardingWith Kicker, your team will hit the ground running in minutes, not days.

Get up and running in minutes

Seeing is believing. Enjoy a full-featured free trial of Kicker for 30 days. Upgrade or cancel at any time (or simply let your trial expire).

What’s included

  • Personalized copilot for each revenue-targeted sales rep
  • Unlimited opportunity monitoring and actionable insights
  • Unlimited contact generation (draft emails and call talking points)
  • Integrations: Slack, Email, Hubspot, Salesforce
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